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Brandon & Skye are TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE for private lessons together.  Skye IS AVAILABLE for limited slots for private lessons.
1 Instructor: $80/hr or $150/2hrs
Both Instructors: $100/hr or $170/2hrs
Wedding Dance Packages Available!
Text: 347-804-4213 To Request More Info

Welcome to the #1 Bachata night in Arizona! 💃🏻​
✨⭐️ Open Air Rooftop! ⭐️✨​
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🎉 We're back Saturday, June 11th for a special edition monthly social "Salsa/Bachata Saturday" at D&B!
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🎉 Join us for a Sensual Bachata & Brazilian Zouk festival experience like no other at our 2nd edition of Sensual Splash Fest™ June 16-20, 2022! 🔥💦​
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🎉 Join us September 8-12, 2022 for the 4th Annual Phoenix Bachata Festival!
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Standards of Conduct & Safety: 
 Close physical contact is to be expected at a Latin dance event however that requires a heightened responsibility among attendees to observe good hygiene, respect one another, seek and receive consent to touch someone else, and refrain from potentially dangerous movements especially if impaired. The organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to or expel a Bachata Addiction event attendee WITH a full refund for hygiene or personal conditions that may put the health of other attendees at risk. The organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to or expel a Bachata Addiction event attendee WITHOUT A REFUND for repeated behavior that is harassive, predatory, violent, reckless or otherwise dangerous.